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SB2 Provides a team of highly specialized and experienced consultants, always ready to support the implementation of new projects and the optimization of existing applications. All with the purpose to adequately manage the increasingly stringent productivity and safety requirements in today's industrial realities.


Customer care, maintenance and problem solving

We are well aware of how fundamental it is for our customers to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. For this reason, whatever your request, our technicians are at your disposal to provide an immediate solution through timely, rapid and effective interventions.

We provide complete assistance, by location, intervention times and spare parts availability. To avoid long machine downtimes, we are able to intervene with remote technical support, making use of teleassistance. This allows us constant monitoring of the system and greater speed in the troubleshooting phase.

Safety automation

Safety is your best investment

Safety doesn't have to be an obstacle to productivity or a cost to your business. On the contrary, it can be a powerful tool for the benefit of workers, the business and profitability. Our services meet this need.

To improve safety, we have a well-defined process that identifies the steps needed to estimate and reduce risk. The assessment phase allows you to determine the risk level of a plant and to make informed decisions, aimed at improving the safety of personnel and machines.

By partnering with the most important industry leaders, we can help you protect your employees, comply with the latest regulations, and collaborate to find solutions to improve safety and reduce risk, while optimizing productivity.


New production life

An efficient and modern machinery is the necessary condition to increase the performance and flexibility of each production line.

We carry out revamping works, offering modernization interventions on existing machines through careful analyses, technical checks and subsequent improvements of the production processes, extending and optimizing the functioning of the plant.

Thanks to Revamping, SB2 is able to restore obsolete technological processes, replacing them with cutting-edge technologies which allow the plant to start a new production life. Obtaining, consequently, an increase in productivity, energy savings and safety.

Industry 4.0 Consultancy

The digital industry of the future today

Industry 4.0 is a term that embraces a series of automation and data exchange technologies, and for some years now it has been at the heart of digital transformation in Italy.

Lines made up of fully interconnected machines which communicate with each other, providing data which, when analyzed, produce detailed information on performance, diagnostics and preventive maintenance.

We develop the necessary software, identifying the most simple and effective solution. Our systems connect to any management software and satisfy both interconnection and integration requirements. An extremely complete and customizable solution, designed to let you compete on today's markets where industry 4.0 is already a reality.

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