Collaborative robots

By integrating them into existing production environments, robots collaborate directly with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team. Able to lift heavy loads, they carry out boring and repetitive tasks alongside the staff, thus safeguarding their health and automating entire assembly lines at the same time.

They are distinguished by a marked simplicity of programming and use, rapidity of integration into production lines. All for the benefit of a rapid financial return.

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The collaborative palletizer

Among the various applications in which collaborative robotics is a solution, palletization derives multiple advantages, such as reduced space required, programming flexibility, the possibility of relocation and, moreover, the absence of physical perimeter barriers.

Lifting heavy loads in manual palletization is not only a repetitive activity, but it can also carry risks of injury due to the monotony of the job. This makes COBOPAL the ideal partner for the palletization process.


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